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The Amazing Race is an adventure reality show in which 10-12 teams race around the world and compete vs each other in very difficult tasks. Each team consists of two racers. At the end the winning team is granted 1 Million Dollars. The show is hosted by Phil Keoghan.

The Amazing Race - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2001-09-05

The Amazing Race - The Amazing Race 29 - Netflix

The Amazing Race 29 is the twenty-ninth installment of the reality television show The Amazing Race. Unlike previous seasons, which almost exclusively feature teams with preexisting relationships, this edition features 22 contestants who were all complete strangers; they met for the first time and formed eleven teams of two at the starting line. These teams competed in a race around the world for a US$1 million grand prize. The season premiered on Thursday March 30, 2017, on CBS for the 2016–17 television season replacing the low-rated action series Training Day. The season finale aired on June 1, 2017. Brooke Camhi and Scott Flanary were the winners of this season of the Race.

The Amazing Race - Leg 10 (Vietnam) - Netflix

Mỹ Đình (Bến Xe Khách Mỹ Đình) to Ninh Bình (Bến Xe Khách Ninh Bình)

Ninh Bình (Tam Cốc Wharf) Ninh Bình (Bích Động Temple) Hoa Lư (Thôn Hải Nham) (in Vietnamese) Hoa Lư (Đền Thái Vi – Bến Thành) (in Vietnamese) Ninh Bình (Tam Cốc – Hang Múa Peak) For the Speed Bump, Tara and Joey had to collect 72 duck eggs from around a pond before they could continue racing and move on to the Roadblock. The Roadblock for this leg was a Switchback from Season 3. One team member had to load a bicycle with a correct number of large and small shrimp traps, and deliver them to a fisherman 1 mile (1.6 km) down the road to receive their next clue. Additional tasks At Bích Động Temple, they had to search the ground for their next clue and their travel companion, the Travelocity Roaming Gnome, which they had to keep with them for the duration of the leg. At Bến Thành, teams had to collect and deliver an offering of specified prayer items (including red napkins, candles, flowers, and fake money) up the Ngô Đồng River stream to a ceremonial dragon boat. One team member had to row the oars using the traditional way by using only their feet. Once they had given the offering, they would then go back to the pier, accompanied by their respective dragon boat, to receive their next clue. Before reaching the Pit Stop, teams had to climb approximately 500 steps along the Lying Dragon Mountain (Núi Ngọa Long) trail to the top of Hang Múa Peak. Additional information Upon arriving at Ninh Bình Bus Station, teams made their way to the nearby Tam Cốc Wharf to get a bicycle each, which then would be their only means of transportation for the rest of the leg.

Airdate: May 18, 2017

The Amazing Race - References - Netflix

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