Sankt Maik - Netflix

The series Santa Maik tells of the trickster Maik Schäfer, who exchanges his fake conductor's uniform for a real cassock while fleeing from the police. Although he escapes the arm of the law, but not the firm hand of parish housekeeper Maria, who considers him the new church council.

Sankt Maik - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: German

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2018-01-23

Sankt Maik - Götz Kubitschek - Netflix

Götz Kubitschek (German pronunciation: [gœt͡s 'kuːbit͡ʃɛk]; born 17 August 1970) is a German publisher, journalist and right-wing political activist. Kubitschek espouses ethnocentric positions and is one of the most important protagonists of the Neue Rechte (New Right) in Germany. Hailing from the staff of right-wing newspaper Junge Freiheit, Kubitschek is one of the founders of the Neue Rechte think tank Institut für Staatspolitik (Institute for National Policy; IfS). Since 2002, he is the manager of his self-founded publishing house Antaios, since 2003 chief editor of the journal Sezession, as well as editor of the corresponding blog Sezession im Netz. He initiated several small-scale rightist political campaigns like the Konservativ-Subversive Aktion (KSA) and Ein Prozent für unser Land (One Percent For Our Country). According to observers, he was also instrumental in the conceptual consolidation of the German branch of the Identitarian movement, commonly viewed as far-right. In 2015, he appeared several times as the main speaker at rallies of the right-wing populist PEGIDA movement in the German state of Saxony. Furthermore, he is in contact with East German members of the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

Sankt Maik - Speaking at PEGIDA rallies - Netflix

Kubitschek appeared in 2015 together with his family as the main speaker at three rallies of LEGIDA, PEGIDA's Leipzig offshoot. The first time together with Jürgen Elsässer, responsible for the conspiracist, Third Positionist magazine Compact. Both activists stated that the rallies were also about “criticism of the [political] system”. In January, he presented a position paper on “Immigration and Identity”, using 'integration' as a combat term after the sociologist de:Annette Treibel-Illian had proposed that, for integration in a multi-cultural society, native people should also make an effort. Kubitschek also spoke as the main orator at PEGIDA rallies in Dresden, e.g. next to the Dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders. He stated to see himself as a kind of “middleman” between the PEGIDA movement's local branches. He also tried to find common ground with Elsässer at a Compact event. The scholar of far-right extremism de:Olaf Sundermeyer concluded from his call for “civil disobedience” at a Dresden rally in autumn 2015 that he would elevate the “violent protest at Heidenau to an example for others”. Although he distanced himself from violence, Pfahl-Traughber states that his “political rigorism” was obvious. Kubitschek, among others, is supposed to have provided PEGIDA supporters “with arguments for islamophobic and xenophobic discourse”. Dresden-based political scientist de:Hans Vorländer claimed that he advocated “völkisch positions”, making the Identitarians compatible with the political mainstream. Other experts called him a “mentor of PEGIDA” and that he “contributed massively to radicalise the racist PEGIDA movement”. His appearances with PEGIDA have boosted his prominence significantly. In February 2015, Kubitschek appeared in Italy as a guest of Matteo Salvini at a mass rally of his party, the right-wing populist, regionalist and xenophobic Lega Nord, where he was introduced as a PEGIDA representative.

Sankt Maik - References - Netflix

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