My Little Baby - Netflix

Cha Jung Han is the ace detective of the Special Investigation team to investigate drugs and gang related crimes. He is forced to raise his young niece Eun-Ae, which is a more difficult task of what he thought to be.

My Little Baby - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Korean

Status: Ended

Runtime: 70 minutes

Premier: 2016-03-05

My Little Baby - Zapf Creation - Netflix

Zapf Creation is a toy company based near Coburg, Germany which specialises in the manufacture of multi-functional dolls. Its franchises have become very popular around the world; among its successful creations are Baby Born, Annabell and Chou Chou.

My Little Baby - Chou Chou - Netflix

Chou Chou My First Tooth: This doll represents a slightly older baby. When it develops a tooth, the doll cries and the owner has to make it feel better. It also makes other baby sounds such as laughing and slurping. Talking Chou Chou: This version of Chou Chou can talk! It utters basic phrases in English and Spanish in addition to the sounds made by the other Zapf dolls. It is available in normal and Ethnic Girl variants. Rock A Bye Chou Chou: This Chou Chou doll is different from the others as it can do features seen on the other Zapf dolls. It can be fed its bottle, goes to sleep and cries when woken up. It is also sold as the first version of Baby Annabell, except Baby Annabell makes sucking noises when it drinks its bottle. Learn to Walk Chou Chou: This doll can crawl by itself and can be encouraged to walk by holding its hand. The doll can trip up and cry when crawling, but it can try again.

Chou Chou is another doll manufactured by Zapf Creation. It is designed to be very realistic, having accessories to support role playing for children. Baby Chou Chou is sometimes used to teach young girls, in particular, about various stages of a baby's life including the first tooth and minor ailments, though most dolls are just played with.

My Little Baby - References - Netflix

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