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Ichikawa plays the part of Azusa, the only child of the owner of a small female pro wrestling organization. After her father dies of illness, she has to take over the business, which is already losing money and is on the verge of shutting down. To make things worse, their referee suddenly disappears on the day of one of their shows, leaving behind only a resignation letter. The desperate Azusa then runs into a young Korean man (Lee). She persuades him to serve as a referee just for that day, though she doesn't realize he is actually a popular star in Korea.

(Source: Tokyograph)

Muscle Girl - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: None

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2011-04-19

Muscle Girl - Kinniku Shōjo Tai - Netflix

Kinniku Shōjo Tai (筋肉少女帯, also called KING-SHOW) is a Japanese rock band. The band name means “Muscle Girl Band” in Japanese. They became very popular in the late 1980s through the late 1990s. In 1999 they disbanded, but then in 2006 they regrouped.

Muscle Girl - Video DVD - Netflix

KIN-SHOW no Daizankoku (Greate Cruel of Kin-Show) (21 July 1988) TOY'S FACTORY Kinniku Shōjo Tai at Budōkan (25 April 1990) TOY'S FACTORY Sannen Gorosi (The Ultimate Mortal Attack of Sambo) (5 August 1991) TOY'S FACTORY Kinshō Matsuri da! 90pun (That's King-Show Festival! 90min.) (5 July 1992) TOY'S FACTORY science fiction double feature ~Kinniku Shōjo Tai Live & PV-clips~ (18 March 1998) Mercury Music '80s KING-SHOW Live & Clip (10 December 1998) UGS Record THE Nakanaori! Fukkatsu! Kinniku Shōjo Tai ~Cicus Dan Panorama-tō e Kaeru '06~ (Reconciliation! Reunion! King-Show ~Circus Troupe Returns to Panorama Island '06~) (14 March 2007) TOY'S FACTORY SPACE SHOWER ARCHIVE Kinniku Shōjo Tai LIVE 9103 (22 June 2007) Digital Site, Inc. Cicus Dan Budōkan e Kaeru (Circus Troupe Returns to Budōkan) (17 December 2008) TOY'S FACTORY

Muscle Girl - References - Netflix

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