Mes Chers Disparus - Netflix

"Mes Chers Disparus" (My dear departed) is a television series French, directed by Stéphane Kappes, broadcast on France 2. The first season consists of six 52-minute episodes

Mes Chers Disparus - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: French

Status: Ended

Runtime: 52 minutes

Premier: 2015-12-23

Mes Chers Disparus - Un Canadien errant - Netflix

“Un Canadien errant” (“A Wandering Canadian”) is a song written in 1842 by Antoine Gérin-Lajoie after the Lower Canada Rebellion of 1837–38. Some of the rebels were condemned to death, others forced into exile to the United States and as far as Australia. Gérin-Lajoie wrote the song, about the pain of exile, while taking his classical exams at the Séminaire de Nicolet. The song has become a patriotic anthem for certain groups of Canadians who have at a point in their history experienced the pain of exile. In addition to those exiled following the Lower Canada Rebellion, it has come to hold particular importance for the rebels of the Upper Canada Rebellion, and for the Acadians, who suffered mass deportation from their homeland in the Great Upheaval between 1755 and 1763. The Acadian version is known as “Un Acadien errant.”

Mes Chers Disparus - Original lyrics - Netflix

Mes Chers Disparus - References - Netflix

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